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About Us

We at LinuxStall are here to satisfy your linux-needs. Our target audience ranges from trying-out-linux users to enterprise-server-administrators. We cover topics that will get a newbie started as well as tips & tricks for seasoned “Linuxers”. We are doing this, not to boast its superiority (as if it is needed) but returning a favor to community. The same community which freed us and introduced to the world of real knowledge. Included are how-to-tutorials, hacks, reviews, news and detailed description of everything that shows up when linux is turned inside out.

Admins at LinuxStall are Computer Science majors, hold certifications from Red Hat, advocate open-source and code.

Contact: admin@linuxstall.com

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  1. Matt


    I’m looking to get in contact with Ayush Goyal- have you got his email please?

    Thank you

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