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VLC 2.0 twoflower released

Open source media player, one of the greatest, VLC has reached version 2.0. This one is a major upgrade for vlc. According to just-in-report several hundred bugs are removed from previous versions.

What freaks me out is itself being an open-source project, no downloads for linux are being provided on official website. A link to its source is given, fair enough, but the link is returning 404 error (in India). And then we complain why people are still stuck on non-linux operating systems. There you go!

See whats new in all new vlc 2.0 Twoflower on official page.

Edit: Looks like they made a typo, you can build it yourself from source.

7 thoughts on “VLC 2.0 twoflower released

  1. It’s available for Linux, just have a typo in the release URL on their website.

    See: http://download.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/2.0.0/vlc-2.0.0.tar.xz

    Took 2 minutes to figure that one out (If you look at the nightly snapshots, you’ll see they are all .xz).

  2. What'stoya

    And this is because Linux has no future on the desktop unless a decent company gets behind it. I love Linux on my servers, on the desktop it can go –as some say– to hell.

    • Jopseh Coffland

      What are you talking about. Linux on the desktop is great. My wife use it with out any problems and she is not very technical. I’ve help many people voluntarily make the switch and not one has turned back.

  3. ike

    i use linux and love it, but they need cross distro app-directory style packaging. it sucks waiting months to use new stable software without messing with 3rd party repos/ppas. and it sucks letting a distro take responsibility for every piece of software when of course the dveloper of the program is going to care more about packaging and maintaining it better. It sucks having all kinds of programs that install differently, some working with the menu system, some not… etc.. Linux should have source compiling and a unified appbundle type that desktops can recognize. Nepomuk and Zeitgeist coudl handle keeping track of app locations for the menu systems…. i don’t know, linus wants to put on the face of a next gen OS with fancy UIs, but they can’t think about the basic things and what makes a fast, simple, worry free experience. installing a stable releases of new shouldn’t give smart people anxiety.

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