Here’s why you can’t update to Ice Cream Sandwich right away


Ice Cream Sandwich, best piece of software from Google (till date), was released in October, 2011. This Android software is beyond imagination and pinches in your whole world in your palms. Users wait eagerly for an android update but what is restraining them from installing one? Let’s find out.

Involvement on multiple parties holds the whole update process back. Its not that manufacturers and carriers don’t want to push out latest updates but before doing that they need to test it on their equipment for compatibility issues. Suppose a Motorola handset which is sold by Verizon. Manufacturers are Motorola but the software is made by Google and is running on Verizon network. Therefore, an update before being pushed out to end users should be tested by Motorola for hardware compatibility. This update when released will be passed on to carriers for further testing. When they approve of, only then updates are made available for users.

This whole life cycle seems to progress slowly but truth behind this is, of course, multiple parties. iPhone users don’t have to face this issue as every stage is carried out in ‘house’ itself. Android users have to wait a bit longer to enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich and we are sure that it is worth waiting.