DuckDuckGo received over 1 million direct searches for the first time ever

duckduckgo twitter

DuckDuckGo (a search engine inĀ Perl) is climbing the mountain of success very fast. It has almost defeated its competetors on privacy issues. Last year Linux Mint declared DuckDuckGo to be its default search engine. Now the latest achievement is that DuckDuckGo grew from 500,000 direct searches in one day in November, to a new record of 1 million in one day (on 13 Feb 2012). It is really impressive! The announcement was made on Twitter on 15 Feb.

duckduckgo twitter

DuckDuckGo had 1,067,006 direct searches on 13 Feb according to its public traffic page.

duckduckgo 1 million

Last year on Feb 13 DuckDuckGo had 176,000 direct searches. It achieved 500,000 searches on November 28, 2011 and reached to 1,067,006 on Feb 13. Growing fast! Isn’t it?