How to get Gnome Classic Desktop in Ubuntu 14.04

New users of Ubuntu 14.04 tend to search for solutions to shift window control panels to right or try to get away from Unity. Unity just doesn’t connect with some users (including me) and we crave for our good old classic Gnome.

Well, we can’t shift window control panels to right anymore (some tricks for older versions) as they have hard coded them to left side from now on. But, we can have our good old Gnome classic back. Follow this tutorial to install Gnome Classic Desktop in Ubuntu 14.04.

Start your terminal via shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T. First, we will update Ubuntu and then we will install Gnome Classic Desktop.

  sudo apt-get update 
   sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback 

Enter your password when prompted. A message will be displayed asking how much disk space will be used where you enter “y”.

Then..then have installed Gnome Classic Desktop on your Ubuntu 14.04. To see it in action you need to logout.

Now, at the login screen if you click the Ubuntu button, you will be provided with the choice to select a desktop environment. Go on and choose Gnome Classic, key in your credentials and enjoy.

First beta of gnome 3.4 released

gnome 3.4

Gnome is making another step forward. The news just came that first beta of Gnome 3.4 is out and is approaching the release time. This release is meant for testing and hacking purposes. Being a beta it can be built and used but should be avoided for hardcore purposes. Gnome uses its own nomenclature to signal development status. Interested folks can have a look at their brief schedule here. This release is first beta to the final release. We have second release scheduled on March 7th followed by candidate release on March 21st.

Final release of Gnome 3.4 will hit the web on March 28th.

If you wish to use Gnome 3.3.90, compile it using jhbuild and moduleset files.


What is new in first beta of gnome 3.4?
core apps

Where can I get the code?
core apps